About Tom Abel

Hey, I’m Tom. If we’ve never met, I hope my writing piques your interest enough that you ask me to grab a coffee sometime. If we know each other already, I hope that this medium takes our relationship to new and interesting places (I’m open to all possibilities, as long as they have a good pilsner on tap).

I’ve been blogging on-and-off for about six years, starting with an upbeat (and, in hindsight, extremely poorly written) travel series detailing a trip to India and Southeast Asia. Since mid-2013, I’ve made a concerted effort to write at least once a week on topics that consistently pop into my head, which usually happens when I’m either sitting on the streetcar or toilet seat. I’ve yet to determine which gestates the more interesting posts, but I’ve been pretty consistent overall.

When I’m not thinking about what I want to write next, I’m probably working at the Yonge Street Mission’s Evergreen Centre for Street Youth, reading (newspapers/essays/the odd novel), or hopelessly engrossed in either a pro basketball game or the latest HBO drama. I married Sharon in October 2013, and we’re busy learning how to love each other, and others in our community, more every day.

Thanks for dropping by – enjoy!


One Response to About Tom Abel

  1. connie harrison says:

    I live in Moss Park and have coffee at the Redline If you want to talk about gentrification and the last days of Moss Park send me a time

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